Hurricane Harvey: How Texans Came Together to Help Their Neighbors and Showed the True Spirit of Americans

We’re going to take a step back from discussing plastic and cosmetic surgery today and discuss a topic makes us very proud to work in the great state of Texas: the heroes of Hurricane Harvey. We understand that for many, this is a very sensitive and difficult subject. However, through this awful tragedy, heroism emerged and we want to shed some light on just a few inspiring stories that arose during this time. Continue reading “Hurricane Harvey: How Texans Came Together to Help Their Neighbors and Showed the True Spirit of Americans”

Your Breast Augmentation Questions Answered!

You have questions, we have answers! If you have ever considered breast augmentation, chances are that you had numerous questions and weren’t sure where to turn to for answers. Dr. Bonnor and his team at Texas Surgical Arts want all of his clients to be well informed throughout this process of breast enhancement. Here are a few commonly asked questions about the breast augmentation process at Texas Surgical Arts to help you make well-informed decisions. Continue reading “Your Breast Augmentation Questions Answered!”

Chrissy Teigen on Feeling Confident with Her Body After Baby

As one half of one of the most photographed celebrity couples, Chrissy Teigen knows a thing or two about looking good. The model-turned-lifestyle-maven took on a new title in the last year—that of mom. As any new mother will tell you, pregnancy can have a dramatic effect on a woman’s body. Teigen agrees, “I’m comfortable with my body, but I know that it will never be the same,” she recently told People Magazine. Continue reading “Chrissy Teigen on Feeling Confident with Her Body After Baby”

Enjoy Summer Selfies Without the Double (Chin) Dilemma

Spoiler Alert: It’s Kybella®!

It’s that time of year when it seems like everyone we know is starting to chisel away at that winter weight on their way to their summer bodies. You could hardly open Instagram, Facebook or Twitter without seeing an article about getting fit or a post from one of your friends who is “back in the gym” or hashtagging #cardio or #fitlife. However, one of the biggest and most common problems with stubborn fat often does not go away so easily and rarely in time for summer—yes, we’re talking about the dreaded double chin!

Continue reading “Enjoy Summer Selfies Without the Double (Chin) Dilemma”

Breast Augmentation: Three Must-Ask Questions

As a breast enhancement specialist, Dr. Bonnor understands that your breast augmentation starts long before the day of surgery. For many prospective patients, the initial consultation is an exciting day! During your consultation at our Katy practice, Dr. Bonnor is able to provide you with valuable information, explain the operation, and answer any questions you may have. Continue reading “Breast Augmentation: Three Must-Ask Questions”