Post-Bariatric Body Contouring

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Post-Bariatric Body Contouring

After losing a large amount of weight with bariatric surgery, you may find yourself left with areas of loose or sagging skin. Being rid of the excess fat only to be met with another problem can be devastating and discouraging for a person’s journey to his or her new body. Dr. Bonnor specializes in post-bariatric body contouring to help refine your body’s contours and eliminate the excess skin left behind after massive weight loss.

Post-bariatric body contouring procedures are performed to eliminate areas of excess skin throughout the body to achieve slim, natural-looking contours. By getting rid of the loose areas of skin, these surgeries help to improve skin elasticity and to create a tighter, healthier-looking figure. Dr. Bonnor performs body contouring surgeries for both the breast (breast lift and breast reduction) and the body (arm lift and thigh lift).

You may also benefit from liposuction to reduce any areas of stubborn fat that have become resistant to traditional weight loss methods.

When consulting with Dr. Bonnor, he will take a careful look at the condition of your body and listen to your expectations in order to develop a personalized plan for your body contouring surgery. Treating his patients as unique individuals, Dr. Bonnor is able to correct their specific areas of concerns and provide them with the beautiful shape they want for themselves.