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BodyTite liposuction is a comprehensive procedure to tighten skin and remove unwanted fat simultaneously. BodyTite is a breakthrough, non-surgical, minimally invasive body reshaping procedure designed to reduce stubborn fat while re-contouring and firming your body. Liposuction is performed in conjunction with BodyTite skin tightening. BodyTite uses an advanced technology called RFAL™ (Radio Frequency Assisted LipoTightening) to firm the tissue, tighten the skin, and stimulate collagen production. Dr. Bonnor, a double board certified surgeon in Houston, offers you a safe and sophisticated body contouring solution.  


First, a tumescent fluid bathes the targeted area(s)  . Tumescent liquid contains lidocaine to comfortably numb the affected region.[1] The fluid also constricts blood vessels to minimize bruising and swelling. Unwanted fat cells are loosened using this infiltration solution making them easier to extract. A thin tube called a cannula is maneuvered through the layers of targeted fat. The cannula vacuums away the softened fat.  When liposuction is performed in concert with BodyTite, the skin is tightened using advanced skin tightening technology.

Treatment Areas

BodyTite is a market-leading body-contouring technology. It can be used on many areas of the body and can help improve skin laxity after weight loss or due to aging. While almost any area of the body can be treated, BodyTite is most commonly used to remove fat and tighten tissues in the following:

  • Abdomen
  • Flanks (waist)
  • Thighs
  • Arms
  • Knees
  • Pectorals (male breasts)
  • Neck and jowls

Personal Consultation

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The BodyTite Procedure

BodyTite Houston

The BodyTite procedure is performed under anesthesia. BodyTite technology is designed to monitor the amount of heat being administered to the target area.[2] These monitors ensure that the skin remains unharmed, even as the radio waves emulsion deep layers of fat. In response, the body produces collagen that helps the skin-tightening process. 


Routine activities can be resumed within a few days. Recuperation times will vary depending on the number of areas treated. Dr. Bonnor will review your recovery protocols with you at the time of your consultation. In general, be sure to avoid unnecessary stress and strain during your recovery period.  

After BodyTite Treatment

The rewards of BodyTite with liposuction emerge in several waves. Some results can be seen immediately, but minor swelling may persist for a few weeks. Once the swelling subsides, the best results become noticeable after three months. As a patient’s body adapts to its new contours, improvements will continue to progress for up to 6 months. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Am I a good candidate for BodyTite treatment?

The ideal candidate for BodyTite is someone with moderate skin laxity and some fat that they would like reduced. Someone with thin skin and severe skin laxity in the abdomen for example would probably be better served with a surgical procedure such as a tummy tuck. To discuss your options and eligibility for BodyTite with liposuction, call (281) 579-5638.


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