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Liposuction, also known as liposculpture or “lipo”, is a surgical cosmetic procedure that targets stubborn fat deposits by using a cannula under negative pressure to suction out the fat.

Considered by some to be just a “procedure,” liposuction is real surgery. As such, it can be routinely performed in an extremely safe environment in which Dr. Bonnor, a double board-certified cosmetic surgeon, ensures that the medical care of each patient is at the forefront.

During liposuction, a small incision is used to remove fat, helping achieve aesthetically pleasing contours. We can target most areas such as the breasts, arms, abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, legs, neck, and chin.

Dr. Bonnor is an expert in the newest liposuction technology known as bodytite lipo which is comprised of liposuction and the application of radiofrequency energy to achieve both fat removal and skin tightening.

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Liposuction: What to Expect

During a consultation, we will evaluate your concerns and help set realistic expectations about what liposuction can achieve for you. Liposuction is not a cure for cellulite. It can, however, smooth fat in targeted areas. Liposuction is also not a treatment for obesity or excess weight, and it’s important to be within a healthy weight range.

Typically, patients are within 15 to 20 pounds of their targeted healthy body weight.

The surgical procedure generally takes one to several hours to perform and is often an outpatient procedure. Liposuction can be combined with other surgeries and treatment, such as mommy makeovers and body-contouring procedures such as arm-lifts (Brachioplasty), and abdominoplasty (tummy tucks).

Maximizing the Long-Term Benefits

Liposuction reduces fat deposits but should not be used for weight management. Results are permanent for patients that maintain a healthy weight. We strongly recommend that patients maintain a healthy diet and exercise to optimize the long-term impact of liposuction.

Liposuction Combined with BodyTite

BodyTite Liposuction or FaceTite Liposuciton is an advanced minimally invasive permanent fat removal and skin tightening treatment. It uses radiofrequency-assisted liposuction (RFAL) for effective fat removal and cellulite reduction with noticeable skin tightening effects. The procedure can provide 30% to 40% more skin tightening than traditional liposuction treatment. A young, healthy person with good quality skin may experience good skin contraction after the procedure.

Conventional liposuction alone does not provide any skin tightening benefits. This being stated, there is an increased possibility of dimpling or sagging after the procedure, particularly with older patients who have lost skin elasticity.

BodyTite or FaceTite device has two probes that work simultaneously heating the entire soft-tissue matrix and melting the fat via the temperature-controlled radio-frequency technology. The heat generated tightens the skin quickly and coagulates the tissues. BodyTite liposuction can provide noticeable skin tightening effects, especially for those who are left with sagging skin or loose skin after traditional liposuction.

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