Your Breast Augmentation Questions Answered!

You have questions, we have answers! If you have ever considered breast augmentation, chances are that you had numerous questions and weren’t sure where to turn to for answers. Dr. Bonnor and his team at Texas Surgical Arts want all of his clients to be well informed throughout this process of breast enhancement. Here are a few commonly asked questions about the breast augmentation process at Texas Surgical Arts to help you make well-informed decisions.

Saline or Silicone Implants?

The “right” answer to this question is different depending on the woman. If you are between the ages of 18-22, the decision is chosen for you – saline implants. If you are over 22, you have the option to choose bewtween silicone or saline.
Saline implants are constructed using silicone shells that are filled with saline (sterile salt water). Pros of saline implants include that they are filled after being inserted, which means a smaller incision site is possible. Silicone implants are constructed using a silicone shell and cohesive silicone gel filling. Pros of silicone implants are that they are often reported to look and feel more natural and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures.
Dr. Bonnor understands the process of choosing between these two implants and will help you sort through the pros and cons to find the best decision for you and your new body.

Can You Make Me a C Cup?

Choosing the right implant size is an important decision between you and your doctor, and you’d be surprised that breast augmentation is much more complicated than choosing a specific bra size. In fact, the breast size requirements for different cup sizes change based on how wide your waistline is (a 36 C has similar bust measurements as a 34 DD!)
Factors that Dr. Bonnor has to consider are current breast tissue, ribcage size, chest shape, and the shape of your natural breasts. Choosing the right breast size is a fine art and Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Bonnor is prepared to help you walk through the options. One tip to help this process is to bring in pictures to your initial consultation, especially if the pictures feature women near your current height and weight. That can help Dr. Bonnor envision your desired results.

When Can I Go Back To Work?

It varies woman to woman based on pain tolerance and her specific breast augmentation details, but many return back to their normal daily activities within a week (seeing that those activities don’t require strenuous exercise or heavy lifting).

Still Got Questions?

If you are considering breast augmentation for yourself and would like to learn more about implants and how you can customize the process to fit your needs, please schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Bonnor in Katy, Texas today.

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