On The Fence About a Brazilian Butt Lift?

You see voluminous and shapely bottoms everywhere: in magazines, all over social media, on billboards…you name it. You may have considered a Brazilian Butt Lift in the past, but decided against it because you didn’t feel you quite fit the “mold” of a person who gets one.

Dr. Bonnor wants to help all his Houston clients feel confident in shorts and bathing suits this summer, and so he’s here to give you a closer look at what a Brazilian Butt Lift at Texas Surgical Arts really looks like.

Brazilian Lifts Can Help Any Size Buttocks

You may have thought Brazilian Butt Lifts were only for smaller bottoms, but that’s not completely true. While Brazilian Butt Lifts can help bring fullness to those unsatisfied with their butt size, that’s not where the benefits end.

They can also shape and bring symmetry to your backside. Many people are dissatisfied with the lack of symmetry between the cheeks due to aging or simply frustrating genetics! A Brazilian Butt Lift can help bring balance. Additionally, shaping the butt with fat is another way to help you achieve a fantastic, full backside – even if your bottom is technically already bigger.

Getting A Lift Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Workout

There is a misconception that everyone can get a full, evenly shaped buttocks if they simply workout or do a certain amount squats. Depending on your genetics, age, and body shape, you can be in the gym all day and never quite achieve your goal aesthetic. Many of Dr. Bonnor’s clients had a fuller bottom in their youth, but as aging takes a toll, they have lost essential fat and volume. Other clients have always had small bottoms and are extremely fit, but never felt confident with their backside.

Brazilian Butt Lifts Are Personalized

As you probably guessed, there is not a specific “type” of person who seeks out a Brazilian Butt Lift. Because treatments are personalized to your needs and goals, Texas Surgical Arts helps a range of people get the backside that have been trying so hard to achieve. If you are curious about how a Brazilian Butt Lift can help you, schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Bonnor today. You may be surprised how versatile this procedure can be.

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