Hurricane Harvey: How Texans Came Together to Help Their Neighbors and Showed the True Spirit of Americans

We’re going to take a step back from discussing plastic and cosmetic surgery today and discuss a topic makes us very proud to work in the great state of Texas: the heroes of Hurricane Harvey. We understand that for many, this is a very sensitive and difficult subject. However, through this awful tragedy, heroism emerged and we want to shed some light on just a few inspiring stories that arose during this time.

Neighbors Form a Human Chain to Protect Pregnant Woman

In Houston, doctors Andrea and Greg Smith were expecting their daughter any moment when Hurricane Harvey struck. In fact, Andrea went into labor while she was alone in her apartment when the flooding began. Unfortunately 911 and the Coast Guard were unavailable, which means her neighbors heroically disregarded their own agenda and came together to help this woman deliver.

Members of her apartment complex helped get the proper equipment and supplies, and they moved her up a floor because of the flooding. They even summoned a dump truck to take her to the hospital. Once the truck arrived, like a scene from a heroic movie, Andrea and Greg’s neighbors all came together and held hands to form a human chain to guide her to the truck. The true American spirit and compassion was visible for all watching this amazing act of selflessness.

Trapped Bakery Staff Makes Food for Survivors

What would you do if you were trapped inside your place of work for two days because of the flooding? Panic? Worry? For the staff at El Bolillo Bakery’s South Wayside Drive, they decided to make as much food as possible to help others as soon as they were free. Wow! Four workers were trapped due to the Hurricane Harvey flooding in Houston and were trapped for two days. They decided to use the time to make hundreds of loaves of bread and pan dulce sheets to feed those in need.

Much more than making the best of an unfortunate situation, these bakers showed that there is always the opportunity to help others. The food that was made over those two days were immediately sent to first responders and emergency centers.

Turning Business Into Shelters

It’s not easy for small business owners, especially during natural disasters. But for “Mattress Mack” McIngvale, helping his fellow Texans was his first priority when the floods hit. He turned his two mattress business stores into shelters and even organized volunteers to help rescue locals in the area. Providing his fellow Houstonians food, a bed, and a place to sleep, Mattress Mack showed that the true American spirit is helping your neighbors selflessly.

Texas Surgical Arts Salutes All Hurricane Harvey Heroes

These are just a few of the heartwarming stories of heroism during the devastating floods of Harvey. If you are interested in helping your community recover from this disaster, the Red Cross would appreciate any donations to help the cause.

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