Loose or sagging skin around the thighs is a common problem following massive weight loss. Because this is a problem with skin laxity and not excess fat, it cannot be corrected with diet and exercise alone. A thigh lift is a body contouring procedure Dr. Bonnor performs to help dramatically reduce sagging skin and achieve a smooth and even contour of the thighs.

The thigh lift works by eliminating excess skin and tissue that is outstretched and left along the thighs following massive weight loss. Dr. Bonnor uses a discrete incision made in the natural creases of your body to reshape the underlying tissue of the thigh and reduce excess skin. Once the excess skin is removed, your incisions are closed, revealing a tighter, firmer shape of your legs.

Your thigh lift procedure will be personalized based on your unique condition and specific goals. Dr. Bonnor is experienced in body contouring procedures and takes the necessary time to ensure a natural-looking result.

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