Stubborn fat is one of the most common concerns men and women have with their bodies. Some struggle with hard-to-lose love handles while others are unable to slim down their double chin. Dr. Bonnor performs liposuction for those who have difficulty losing fat from specific areas of their body or face despite their healthy lifestyle.

Liposuction is an effective procedure for slimming areas of stubborn fat and for refining the contours of the face and body. The fat is removed through a thin cannula attached to a surgical pump, which is carefully inserted through a small incision and into the underlying fat. Liposuction is best for treating common trouble spots, including the hips, abdomen, chest, back, arms, chin, face, and neck. However, it is not a solution for obesity and should not replace diet or exercise.

Dr. Bonnor will work with you to determine the best approach for reducing your areas of unwanted fat. Once the fat is removed from your body, it is gone for good and you can maintain long-lasting results with a healthy diet and regular exercise. With a personalized approach and years of experience, Dr. Bonnor is able to achieve a smooth and even reduction of problem fat, providing patients with a natural-looking, slimmer appearance.

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