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Silicone Implants

Height: 5’6”
Implant Size (left): 550 cc smooth round gel high profile silicone implant
Implant Size (Right): 550 cc smooth round gel high profile silicone implant

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Real Patients, Real Results

A woman's breasts often play a significant role in how she sees herself and how she feels about her image. If she is uncomfortable with her appearance, she may feel less feminine or lack the confidence she deserves. Whether you have long-struggled with naturally small breasts or simply want your figure back after having children, a personalized breast augmentation with Dr. Bonnor at Texas Surgical Arts can help enhance your natural curves and boost your self-confidence.

Breast augmentation continues to be one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the country because of its ability to be completely customized to meet the unique needs of each woman.

Dr. Bonnor will walk you through the various options to help achieve your desired outcome, including implant type (silicone or saline), size, profile, placement, and even incision location. Your breast implants will be carefully placed within your existing breast tissue to add natural-looking shape and volume.

Dr. Bonnor strives to achieve beautiful enhancements to complement each patient's unique figure. This personalized approach allows him to provide results that feel as though they have always belonged on her body. Moms can still be moms and love the curves of their bodies; women who used to shy away from certain clothing due to smaller breasts can finally feel confident in anything from a bikini to a t-shirt, and any woman can continue to feel sexy and feminine as she ages gracefully.

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