3 Things You can Learn During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Like many in the Sugar Land community, Texas Surgical Arts takes the month of October to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A special month for a special cause, the pink ribbon serves as a tribute to the many women who have battled breast cancer. Throughout October, we are also encouraged to support the idea of breast cancer awareness. Awareness involves knowing the symptoms of breast cancer, how to detect it, and how to take preventative measures that will not only protect you, but can potentially be life-saving.

Reminding each of his patients of the importance of breast cancer awareness, Dr. Bonnor challenges you to know these three pieces of advice:

Know Your Risks

You have a higher risk of developing breast cancer if close relatives of yours have been diagnosed with the disease. If one first-degree female relative (such as your mother, sister, or daughter) has been diagnosed with breast cancer, your risk doubles—and is as much as five times higher if two first-degree relatives have been diagnosed. Genetic testing can be performed if breast cancer is prevalent in your family. Made popular by actress Angelina Jolie, these tests can detect gene abnormalities that increase your chance of developing breast cancer.

Know Your Breasts

Take this month to really get to know your breasts. Become familiar with their healthy look, feel, shape, and contour. By being in tune with your healthy breasts, you will be able to better recognize and detect any changes or abnormalities. If you have undergone breast augmentation, take the time to distinguish between your natural breast tissue and the implant itself. Also, take note of the placement, edges, and any other irregularities of your implant.

Know How to Examine Your Breasts

The best defense against breast cancer is early detection. All women are encouraged to perform monthly self-exams as well as an annual clinical exam. For women over the age of 40, it is very important that you receive a mammogram every year.

Know that your breast implants will not interfere with your ability to perform a self-exam, nor your ability to receive a mammogram. Dr. Bonnor is always available to help you learn acceptable techniques for self-examination, and is able to provide you with a list of mammogram providers that specialize in working with breast implants.

From all of us at Texas Surgical Arts to you, Happy Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Along with Dr. Bonnor, we are dedicated to each of our patients long after their enhancement with us. Please do not hesitate to contact our Katy office if you have any questions or concerns about the health of your breasts or breast implants.

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